Credit lines

check Allows immediate credit access to make purchases with one or more credit cards.
check Allows cash advances from money market accounts.
check Prevents clients from over drafting their checking accounts.
check Protects against overdraft and minimum balance charges.


StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. grants financing in multiple currencies to its clients under favorable terms and rates.

The specialized credit service unit provides expedited analysis and approval of applications for personal loans in multiple currencies, asset-backed investment lines, and credit cards.

The StateTrust Bank’s Internet Banking platform allows you to check the status of loans granted at any time. This platform also allows you to make payments on loans, credit cards, bills, and see a detailed summary of your payment history.

Individuals and businesses have multiple needs. StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. understands the challenge of growth: commercial and financial expansion, fresh working capital, equipment financing

For all these reasons, we have created customized business financial solutions for you, with competitive fixed and variable-rate products and strategies:

StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. offers a broad selection of credit products and services to individuals and families to optimize management and control of its clients’ liabilities and cash flow needs.

Credit and financing products and services include:

Personal loans granted by StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. and backed by client assets are approved in the minimum timeframe. They may be used for any personal, family, or business need:

Multicurrency Lending Brochure