check Low risk level.
check Low volatility.
check Below-average risk level.
check Relatively-low volatility.
check Average Risk.
check Average volatility.
check Above-average risk level.
check Greater volatility.
check High Risk.
check High Volatility.

StateTrust International Bank & Trust LLC., has a team of experienced financial planners to guide and assist customers on the best way to manage their investments.

StateTrust International Bank & Trust LLC., provides planning services to meet specific financial goals. In addition, it develops an effective investment strategy to reach short and long term goals.

Our customers demand ongoing, personalized consulting services in order to make the best investment decisions and financial planning choices.

Financial Management
Determining financial objectivescheck
Developing investment strategiescheck
Implementing strategies to achieve financial and investment objectivescheck
Long-Term monitoring portfoliocheck
Portfolio reviewcheck
Perfomance tracking and reportingcheck

Financial planning at StateTrust International Bank & Trust LLC, encompasses the review of our client’s financial situation including investments that are currently held. We design a portfolio with a mix of diversified holdings that may include cash, time deposits, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and structured products which best suits the clients investment and risk objectives. Finally, we create a personalized Investment Policy Statement that outlines the strategic financial plan.

In summary, Financial Planning at StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. involves:

* These services offered through affiliates of the Bank specialized in these areas.