check Clarifying goals.
check Creating plans.
check Planning investments.

  •   For customers and investors with a broad horizon before retirement, we offer multiple strategies to diversify and grow their estate.
  •   If your retirement plans are short term, allow us to assist you with our short term strategies to optimize and diversify your portfolio.



StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. is keenly aware of the impact longevity has on retirement planning. Governments and companies do not provide sufficient benefits for retirees.

StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC.’s specialists are ready to meet, assist and help create retirement plans, suggesting several different sources of future income such as annuities, which reduce the volatility of the assets held.

At StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC., specialized Retirement Planning officers assist clients in all aspects of implementing a suitable, long-term strategy in order to avoid pitfalls in the later years. Therefore, retirement planning involves the following steps:

StateTrust Bank develops strategies that allow customers:

Retirement Planning
You are prepared for unexpected expenses or eventscheck
You acquire financial security and a feeling of general well-beingcheck
Your financial flexibility increasescheck
Maintain your life stylecheck
You avoid the situation where, just before retirement, you make hasty decisions that can affectcheck
Enjoy with quality life your family and favorite hobbiescheck

* These services offered through affiliates of the Bank specialized in these areas.