Objectives -Estate Planning-

check Add enough liquid assets to your estate, in order to cover expenses and meet your predetermined objectives.
check Avoid problems related to legal issues, litigation, creditors, and inheritance processes.
check Pay attention to the special needs of your beneficiaries – especially minors, elders and persons with disabilities.
check Ensure that your designated heirs and beneficiaries receive their assets how and when you determine it.
check Minimize succession expenses which decrease the estate available to your beneficiaries.


Estate planning is the process that allows clients to preserve, enhance and efficiently transfer their family wealth to future generations.

At StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. the Estate Planning Services unit works with clients to create a process for the orderly distribution of assets in the future. The consolidation of assets under one strong financial structure, ensures that families and beneficiaries are not faced with potential liabilities.

Trust Services
Device the appropriate Trust structure and select the best jurisdiction suited to our client's needscheck
Draft and execute the necessary documentation working hand in hand with legal councilcheck
Provide safekeeping of the deedscheck
Open and operate bank accounts in the name of the Trustcheck
Prepare annual report, Trustee minutes, resolutions, and all necessary ancillary documentationcheck
Manage Trust mandated payments and principal / income distribution to beneficiariescheck

Clients Create an Estate Plan to:

StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. is uniquely qualified to provide the following Estate Planning services to our clients:


* These services offered through affiliates of the Bank specialized in these areas.