Positive Aspects

check Efficient legal means to protect the family estate.
check Simple, Fast and succession instrument.
check A legal resource that is private, discreet and confidential, even with regard to family members.
check Minimizes taxation. Family Foundations are not subject to income or inheritance taxes in Liechtenstein or Switzerland.
check May be modified at any time by the Trust founder.

A Family Foundation is a flexible and efficient Trust Fund designed to ensure and protect the family estate while the Founder is still alive. In time, it will serve as an efficient succession mechanism to transfer the family wealth to the next generation (the “Beneficiaries”), when the Founder passes away.

Family Foundations can be established as legal entities to provide for the wellbeing and future needs of designated heirs, including:

At StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC. Family Foundation services involves:

The Benefits of a Family Foundation are:

* These services offered through affiliates of the Bank specialized in these areas.